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FIBCO Family Services, Inc. announces grant from Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

March 22, 2023 - FIBCO Family Services, Inc. has received a $125,000 grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust to upgrade five properties that house people who might otherwise be homeless.

“Our agency has provided housing and supporting social services to over one hundred elderly and disabled individuals over the past thirty-six years,” said Ernie Urquhart, FIBCO board chair and chief operating officer. “This grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust enables us to acquire and install capital resources such as appliances, roofing, plumbing, and quality windows that will make the home environment even more comfortable for the 30 plus residents who have affordable housing challenges. We will make these houses more attractive for home living.”

Founded by Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr, FIBCO has been serving the most vulnerable populations in Phoenix since 1986. FIBCO serves the community by providing affordable food, housing, clothing, and healthcare access.

“FIBCO has been helping those experiencing homelessness in Phoenix for more than 36 years,” said Gene D’Adamo, Trust president and CEO. “The Trust is proud to support their efforts in providing safe, affordable housing for those in need.”

Since the Trust began its grant-making in 1998, it has awarded over $375 million to 1,030 organizations in its home states of Arizona and Indiana. For more information about the Trust and its programs, visit

The mission of FIBCO Family Services, Inc. is to provide people with knowledge, skills, and support to transform and empower their lives. For more information about FIBCO, visit


Ernest H.Urquhart

Board Chair, Chief Operating Officer


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